Fire Tripper

Fire Tripper

On a day like any other, Suzuko meets one of her neighbor's children, Shu, in a park on her way back from school and decides to walk home with him. Tragically, they never make it home. Suzuko and the young boy are caught in a giant gas explosion, though instead of dying instantly, Suzuko wakes up in the middle of a battlefield full of corpses in the Sengoku period. A group of marauding bandits attacks Suzuko, but Shukumaru—a boy who had come to loot the corpses to feed his starving village—saves her. Though they both return to the village, Suzuko refuses to give up searching for Shu and returns to the battlefield every day with Shukumaru trailing behind. Though Shukumaru lacks anything resembling modern manners, she gradually finds herself drawn towards him. Just what fate awaits this young girl in this bloody period in Japan's history?

Other names: Fire Tripper
Status: Completed
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Scores: 6.53 / 9.99
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Episode: 1 / 1
Duration: 50 min
Date release: 1985-12-16
Date aired: 1985-12-16 - 1985-12-16

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